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Choosing the Best Freediving School for you

Level 1 Freediver at University of Wollongong

(A Level 1 Freediver performing the breathe-up, captured by Curtis Tredway)

When the world of freediving was a smaller community, selecting an instructor was a simpler task.

However, with the sport's growing popularity, the pool of available instructors has expanded dramatically.

Now, faced with a multitude of choices, it's essential to navigate wisely.

Here's how to discern the best freediving schools and instructors in Australia.

How NOT to Choose Your Freediving Instructor/School

Avoid the temptation to select based solely on proximity or price.

Freediving isn't a quick Google search for fast food; it's a serious discipline requiring expert guidance.

Instead, focus on two critical factors: the instructor's experience and the course structure.

Instructor Investigation: Digging Deeper

Before committing to a freediving course, we suggest talking to your desired Freediving Instructor or School.

A phone call, website research and Google Reviews can reveal invaluable insights into the teaching style, structure and the overall experience.

Beware of instructors with minimal freediving skills, genuine passion or those lacking much real-world experience in the ocean.

Dive Deeper: Understanding Course Structure

The hours spent learning are paramount.

Inquire about the breakdown of classroom, pool, and open water sessions.

Opt for courses with ample diving hours, as more time in the water translates to better results.

Be sure to ask the Freediving School/Instructor about their in-water ratios for both pool and depth.

Some schools may adhere to an 8:1 ratio of students to instructors in the pool, a common practice in many freediving education standards. However, this setup often results in fewer opportunities for dives, limited feedback, and minimal one-on-one time with your instructors.

Opting for a smaller student-to-instructor ratio ensures a more personalised learning experience, allowing for greater individual attention, comprehensive feedback, and ample opportunities for skill refinement.

Don't be swayed by misleading claims; ensure you understand exactly how much time is spent submerged.

Experience Matters: Prioritising Seasoned Instructors

Years of teaching don't necessarily equate to experience.

Look beyond surface-level credentials and assess the instructor's actual teaching and in-water track record. Prioritise instructors with a substantial history in the water as Freedivers, Instructors, surfers, spearos, underwater photographers, Scuba professionals etc.

Instructors with extensive background in the ocean are going to add far more value then those who haven't got much experience in or around water, and have just done a couple of zero to hero courses.

Weathering the Elements: Handling Open Water Sessions

Freediving in the ocean is subject to Mother Nature's whims. Understand how cancellations due to weather are managed. Whether rescheduling or offering alternative locations like springs, ensure you're comfortable with the contingency plan. Remember, adaptability is key when venturing into the unpredictable depths.

SSI Vs Molchanovs Vs PAID Vs AIDA - Which Education System Should You Choose?

Choosing the right education system for your freediving journey transcends the mere recognition of certification names—it hinges on the quality of instruction and the depth of experience you'll garner.

When assessing SSI, Molchanovs, PADI, and AIDA, it's imperative to shift focus from the letters on the paper to the instructors affiliated with each agency.

These certifications hold international recognition and offer cross-progression, meaning you can obtain various levels of certification across different agencies. Therefore, the order in which you commence your freediving journey becomes inconsequential.

Remember, regardless of the certification, the instructor plays the pivotal role in shaping your experience. Seek out instructors or schools with extensive expertise, a proven teaching track record, and an unwavering dedication to safety and student success.

Consider factors like instructor-to-student ratio, teaching methodology, and the level of individual attention provided during training sessions. Ultimately, prioritise an education system that delivers expert instruction and fosters a supportive learning environment, ensuring you receive the guidance and skills necessary to thrive in your freediving pursuits.

Is Deep Sensations Freediving the Best School for YOU?

Deep Sensations Freediving stands out as one of Australia's fastest-growing freediving communities, driven by a unique ethos that places business second and passion first.

Our foremost priority is ensuring your safety, comfort, and enjoyment in the water, guiding you gently into discovering your underwater capabilities.

What Sets Us Apart

Small Ratios: With ratios of 4:1 on our courses, including pool sessions, you'll receive ample attention to refine your technique and skills.

Safety Standards: We uphold industry-leading safety measures to guarantee your peace of mind throughout your freediving journey.

Founder's Expertise: Rooted in a lifelong love for the ocean (excluding when he was a kid and early teen - he hated it!), our founder brings a wealth of experience as a surfer, rescue diver, PADI Divemaster, and passionate Underwater Photographer.

World-Class Training: Our team has trained under some of the best coaches globally, ensuring you receive top-tier instruction.

Affordable Courses and NO Hidden Costs: Our course prices are mid-range in the industry. Whilst the total costs of our courses come smack bang in the middle, we have a lot of extra value, such as FREE gear hire (not a hidden fee), FREE additional learning materials and training, and depending on the site location and time - we sometimes can squeeze a fun dive on the back of our courses.

Premier Dive Sites: Explore Sydney, Wollongong, and Shellharbour's finest dive sites with us, discovering the beauty of Australia's underwater world.

Community Connection: Beyond certification, we integrate you into our vibrant community of freedivers, offering opportunities to dive, train, and socialise together.

Marine Conservation: Committed to preserving our oceans, we advocate for marine conservation and sustainability in all our activities.

Higher Standards, Better Divers

We hold our divers to higher standards by dedicating more time to classroom learning, pool practice, and depth training. This comprehensive approach ensures you emerge as a confident and capable freediver, ready to explore the depths with skill and confidence.

Finding Your Perfect Fit

While we excel in various aspects, we recognise that we may not be the ideal fit for everyone. It's crucial to connect with instructors who align with your individual needs and preferences.

Therefore, we encourage you to explore options across Greater Sydney and the South Coast, including:

  • Deep Sensations Freediving (us!)

  • Immersia Freediving

  • Eunoia Freediving

  • Legasea Freediving

  • Wobbegong Freediving

All of the schools above have incredibly passionate and dedicated Instuctors that will ensure you have a safe and positive experience.

Passion First, Business Second

At Deep Sensations Freediving, our primary goal is to foster a thriving freediving community and provide you with an unparalleled experience. By prioritising compatibility with your instructors and exploring diverse opportunities, you'll embark on a freediving journey that's both fulfilling and enriching.

Making the Right Choice and Finding the Best Freediving School for YOU

Selecting the best freediving school and instructor is a pivotal decision in your underwater journey. By prioritising individual experience, course structure, and adaptability to varying conditions, you'll set yourself up for success.

Don't rush the process; take the time to find the perfect fit for your freediving aspirations in Australia.

Think We Are A Good Fit?

If you like our vibe and think we are a good fit, let's go diving! If you are still unsure, please feel free to give us a call or send a message to chat to Curtis today.

Whether you're looking to learn the fundamentals of freediving, advance your skills, engage in online coaching, or join us for a thrilling adventure on our retreats and social dives, our experienced team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Dive deeper with Deep Sensations Freediving and discover the ocean's wonders like never before. Reserve your spot now!

Happy diving!


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