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Freediving course in Bushrangers Bay


Dive Bass Point Reserve with Deep Sensations Freediving

Shellharbour freediving courses and depth training 

Dive into a captivating underwater realm with Deep Sensations Freediving in Shellharbour. Whether you're a novice eagerly embracing your first breath-hold or an experienced diver seeking to refine your skills, our range of tailored freediving courses is designed to cater to your individual needs.

Embark on a journey with our introductory freediving courses, ideal for those eager to explore the serene and silent world beneath the waves. For seasoned enthusiasts, our advanced courses and training focus on fine-tuning techniques and expanding breath-hold capabilities.

In addition to our comprehensive freediving courses and training, we offer enchanting snorkel tours, allowing you to peacefully float on the surface and soak in the breathtaking underwater panoramas of Shellharbour—a family-friendly experience for all.

For surfers and water aficionados, our Surf Survival Apnea training is essential. This specialized course equips you with crucial skills to manage breath-hold in high-stress situations—a vital asset for anyone spending time in the surf.

Uncover the excitement of ocean depths with Deep Sensations Freediving in Shellharbour. Contact us today to discover the perfect course or tour that suits your aquatic aspirations!

Dicover a program for you

Discover a new world with Deep Sensations Freediving in Shellharbour. Whether you're a beginner eager to try freediving for the first time and learning how to freedive in a comfortable, fun and safe environment., or an experienced diver aiming to enhance your skills, we have the perfect Shellharbour freediving course for you.

Sherllharbour Snorkel Tour with Deep Sensations Freediving

Shellharbour Snorkel Tour

Join us for a fun morning of exploring  Bushrangers Bay, Shellharbour..  Whilst snorkeling you can see Grey Nurse Sharks, Blue Groupers, Stingrays, Schools of Fish, and many more underwater surprises. Suitable for families and people of all ages!

Learn to freedive Shellharbour with Deep Sensations Freediving

Intro to Freediving

The Try Freediving course is a one-day program at Bushrangers Bay that teaches the basics of breath-holding techniques, equalization, and safety procedures. It's a great introduction for beginners who want to experience the underwater world.

Freediving course Shellharbour, with Deep Sensations Freediving

Beginner Freediver

The SSI Level 1 Freediving course at Shellharbour is a program that covers proper breathing techniques, relaxation strategies, safety, and more. It's suitable for beginners and experienced divers and provides a solid foundation for freediving.

Level 1 Freediving Course Shellharbour group photo at Bushrangers Bay

Advanced Freediver

The SSI Level 2 Freediving course is a program that focuses on advanced equalization techniques, rescue skills, and deeper dives. It's ideal for experienced freedivers who want to improve their skills and take their diving to the next level.

Depth training in Shellharbour

There are many reasons why Shellharbour is a popular location amongst freedivers. 

Not only does Bass Point Reserve have an incredible abundance of marine life, it's also a great location for freedivers to partake in depth training. 

Our depth training sessions allow freedivers to refine their technique, work on equalisation, and become more comfortable with depth. 

Whether you are a certified freediver, or a diver wishing to complete some course requirements, Shellharbour is a great location to progress your freediving. 

If you are interested in jumping on the line with one of our expert coaches, head to the link below. 

Why is freediving in Shellharbour so popular?

Shellharbour boasts an array of breathtaking dive sites. From the protected marine park of Bass Point Reserve, with its diverse locations such as Bushrangers Bay, The Gutter, The Gravel Loader, and Maloney's Bay, to the captivating beauty of Shellharbour's local coastline, there's a world waiting to be discovered beneath the waves.

GPTempDownload 4.JPG

The Gravel Loader

The Gravel Loader in Shellharbour is a popular freediving site with depths of up to 12 meters. It's known for its diverse marine life, including schools of fish, cuttlefish, and even the occasional grey nurse shark. The site is also protected from the southerly swells. It's an epic dive site!


Bushrangers Bay

Bushrangers Bay in Shellharbour is a protected aquatic reserve and popular freediving site. It boasts depths of up to 18 meters and is home to Grey Nurse Sharks, as well as soft and hard corals. The protected area provides calm conditions, making it ideal for freediving.

GPTempDownload 26.JPG

Maloney's Bay

Maloneys Bay in Shellharbour is a protected bay that's great for freediving. It boasts depths of up to 20 meters and is home to a variety of marine life, including schools of fish and octopuses. While it's protected from Northerly swells, conditions can vary.

Deep Sensations Community.jpg

Become Part Of The Deep Sensations Freediving Community

Freedive Shellharbour with a bunch of like-minded, passionate ocean lovers

Join Deep Sensations Freediving in Shellharbour and become part of our vibrant community of freedivers! Explore the stunning dive sites around Shellharbour and the Illawarra and experience the thrill of the underwater world.

Whether you have completed a freediving course or not, you will not have to freedive shellharbour alone. We have an amazing community of freedivers, join like-minded people on the Deep Sensations Freediving's social dives. You will be able to explore all of Shellharbours best dive sites, swim with Grey Nurse Sharks and more! 

Ready to take the plunge? Get in touch with us today to learn more about our courses, trips, and how you can schedule your next freediving adventure in Shellharbour and the Illawarra!

Beginner freediver course Shellharbour


Deep Sensations Freediving, a leading provider of freediving courses in Shellharbour, is delighted to join hands with Visit Shellharbour, a tourism initiative celebrating the region's natural allure and adventure opportunities.

Collaborating with local businesses and ambassadors, we aim to spotlight Shellharbour's remarkable marine life and freedive sites. Our shared goal is to stimulate tourism in the region, aiding the local economy while providing unforgettable underwater experiences for both locals and visitors.

Join us in the thrill of exploring Shellharbour's stunning coastline, dive into the inviting waters, and experience the exhilaration of freediving in Shellharbour, a truly breathtaking destination.

Embrace the enchantment of Shellharbour with Deep Sensations Freediving and Visit Shellharbour. Discover the joys of freediving in Shellharbour and carve unforgettable memories beneath its waves.

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