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Dive Deeper, Stay Longer

Level 1 Spearfishing Course

Dive deeper into the world of spearfishing with our specially tailored Level 1 Spearfishing Course, blending the expertise of freediving with the thrill of underwater hunting. Crafted with spearfishers in mind, this comprehensive program elevates your underwater skills, ensuring safe and successful dives with each excursion.

Key Elements:

  • Enhanced Dive Mastery: Acquire specialised techniques to comfortably explore greater depths, honing your ability to navigate underwater terrain with confidence.

  • Extended Bottom Time: Master the art of prolonged bottom time, increasing your chances of a fruitful catch while submerged.

  • Prioritised Safety: Minimize risks of blackout incidents and ensure safer ascents with comprehensive safety protocols and techniques.

  • Buddy Rescue Preparedness: Equip yourself with essential skills to assist buddies during emergencies, including blackout scenarios, ensuring the safety of your diving companions.

  • Holistic Approach: Delve into the intricate physiology of freediving, understanding how the body and mind work in tandem underwater. Learn relaxation and visualization techniques to enhance your performance and enjoyment.

Course Offerings:

  • In-depth Knowledge Sessions: Dive into the science behind freediving and spearfishing, gaining a deeper understanding of the physiological and safety aspects.

  • Pool Simulations: Immerse yourself in advanced training scenarios replicating depth dives, prey stalking, and secure surfacing, all in a controlled environment.

  • Depth Expedition: Embark on an exhilarating open ocean expedition, targeting depths of at least 10 meters. Explore local marine ecosystems, practice diving techniques, and refine your skills amidst the breathtaking underwater landscapes.

  • ​Line Training Session:​ Using everything you learn on Day 1, we will do a line training session to go over freediving skills and drills that will play a role in improving your diving as a spearo. 

  • Comprehensive Training Drills: Engage in multiple free immersion and constant weight freedives, execute CWT duck dives, line turns, and practice freediving rescue drills and buddy procedures.

  • Natural Exploration: Weather permitting, indulge in natural underwater exploration, immersing yourself in the beauty of the marine world.

Training Locations:

Our spearfishing courses are exclusively run in Wollongong and The Illawarra.


Audrey. A, Wollongong NSW - Level 1 Freediver

"What a life changing experience.
Learning the intricate details of breath holds was absolutely amazing and being able to find a meditative state underwater is so blissful. Now I can explore the depths with ease and alot more understanding of my physiology when holding breathe, equalising and the role CO2 plays. Anyone who is in the ocean at all should try this course or anyone who may be uncomfortable with being in water would absolutely benefit. Curtis goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and safe and you can truly see his passion for freediving shine through his teaching. Thankyou :)"

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