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Wollongong Lighthouse


Wollongong freediving courses, training, workshops and social dives


Freediving Courses, Surf Survival Training and Workshops in Wollongong

Deep Sensations Freediving in Wollongong offers a comprehensive selection of freediving courses and Surf Survival Apnea Courses tailored for all skill levels. If you're a novice eager to try freediving for the first time, or a seasoned diver seeking to refine your technique, we have the ideal Wollongong freediving course waiting for you.

Our educational experience extends to pool training at the esteemed University of Wollongong and Beaton Park, coupled with social dives arranged to explore the best freedive sites in Wollongong, including the renowned Sandon Point, Port Kembla, and Five Islands. Guided by our expert instructors, you'll navigate each step of your freediving journey with assured safety and skill enhancement.

Wollongong Lighthouse

Wollongong Freediving Courses


Try Freediving

The Try Freediving course is a one-day program at University of Wollongong that teaches the basics of breath-holding techniques, equalization, and safety procedures. It's a great introduction for beginners who want to experience the underwater world.


SSI Level 1 Freediver

Our SSI Level 1 Freediving course in Wollongong offers a comprehensive program that is perfectly suited for freedivers of all levels. It provides a solid foundation for anyone keen on mastering the art of freediving in Wollongong.

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SSI Level 2 Freediver

The SSI Level 2 Freediving course is a program that focuses on advanced equalization techniques, rescue skills, and deeper dives. It's ideal for experienced freedivers who want to improve their skills and take their diving to the next level.


"Add depth to your life, pursue deeper connections with yourself, nature, and those around you."

FREE Community Events

For us freediving is passion first, business second, and at Deep Sensations Freediving it is our number one priority to give back to the community.


We do this by both helping protect our stunning waterways through beach clean-ups, fun community events for Wollongong freedivers and improving ocean safety of our community members through freediving and spearfishing workshops.

Blue Light

Wollongong is home to a vibrant community of freedivers, spearfishers and ocean lovers. 

Whether you take part in a freediving course, join us for pool or depth training, or attend any of our free social diving events, you are GUARANTEED to meet like-minded underwater enthusiasts. 

Join a community of Wollongong Freedivers

Wollongong Dive Sites

Explore the diverse beauty of Wollongong's freedive sites with Deep Sensations Freediving. Our Wollongong-based diving experiences include locations like Sandon Point, Wollongong Lighthouse, Port Kembla, and the quintet of the Five Islands, each offering unique underwater scenery.

Or head 30 minutes South of Wollongong and freedive Bass Point Reserve in Shellharbour, a protected marine park with a plethora of dive sites.


Locations include Bushrangers Bay, The Gutter, The Gravel Loader, and Maloney's Bay. Given its protection from most weather conditions, Bass Point Reserve is a year-round haven for freedivers of all skill levels in the Wollongong area.

Whether you're embarking on your first freedive or a seasoned diver looking for new experiences, Wollongong's dive sites have something for everyone.

Wollongong Lighthouse

Wollongong Lighthouse


Sandon Point


Port Kembla


5 Islands

Our Approach To Freediving

At Deep Sensations Freediving, Wollongong, safety is our top priority. Our experienced instructors use only the best equipment to ensure your dives are safe and enjoyable. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced diver, our courses will help you improve your skills and explore the best dive sites in the area.

Ready to dive in? Contact us today to learn more about our courses and trips, or to schedule your next freediving adventure!

Join Us For A Pool Training Session and Master Your Breath

Deep Sensations Freediving proudly runs pool training sessions at the University of Wollongong's 50m pool. Tailored for certified freedivers, these sessions focus on refining technique, enhancing CO2 tolerance, breath-hold capabilities, and boosting in-water fitness.


Dive deeper with confidence every Friday at 7:15 am, ensuring safety and improvement in a controlled environment.


Dive, train, and master with us!


In Partnership with Destination Wollongong

Deep Sensations Freediving, your premier choice for freediving courses in Wollongong, is thrilled to partner with Destination Wollongong, an initiative that uplifts the Illawarra region.

Our joint venture offers a memorable experience for locals and tourists alike, showcasing Wollongong's beautiful freedive sites and abundant marine life. In collaboration with local businesses and ambassadors, our goal is to stimulate tourism and bolster the local economy.

Join us in the thrill of exploring Wollongong's breathtaking coastline and the exhilarating experience of freediving. Embark on an adventure with us to unearth the hidden treasures of the Illawarra region.

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