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Advanced Freediver Course

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Molchanovs Wave 2 Freediver

About the Advanced Freediver Course

As a Molchanovs Wave 2 Advanced Freediver, you will embark on an even deeper exploration into freediving, building upon the foundations laid in our Level 1 Freediver course.

During the Wave 2 course, you will extend your limits further, delving into depths of up to -30m.

In addition to honing your physical skills, you will delve into the theoretical aspects of freediving. You will learn about the rich history of freediving, its origins, evolution, and its current state. Delve deeper into the physics of freediving, exploring concepts such as Dalton’s law and Henry’s law, and their crucial role in ensuring safe freediving practices. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the adaptations of the human body to depth and distance dives.

Your breathing education will continue to evolve as you refine the Frenzel equalisation through specialised drills, tips, and guidance.

As you progress, mental training will become a focal point, introducing mindfulness techniques tailored to different contexts. You will also receive education on injuries related to freediving in the middle ear, inner ear, sinuses, and lungs, learning both preventive measures and treatment protocols.

Safety will be elevated to a new level, with detailed discussions on blackouts, decompression illness, and strategies for avoidance. You will master advanced rescue techniques, ensuring that safety remains paramount throughout your freediving journey.


Level 1/Wave 1 certificate


Pool Requirements:

Static: 2 minutes 30 seconds
Dynamic No Fins (DNF): 50 meters
Dynamic with Fins (DYNB): 35 meters

Open Water Requirements:

Constant Weight with Bi-Fins (CWTB) & Free Immersion (FIM): 24-30 meters
Constant Weight No Fins (CNF): 15 meters
Constant Weight with Bi-Fins (CWTB) buddying: 10-15 meters
Rescue from 15 meters

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Key Info

Locations: Cronulla, Sydney and Lake Eacham Retreat


Duration: 2 day course

Freediving Certification: Molchanovs Wave 2 

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Our 5 Guarantees To You

Dive Deeper, Dive Mindfully: Experience the ocean's depths with a single breath, integrating mindfulness into your daily life. Ideal for seasoned divers or first-timers seeking transformative adventures.

Tailored Excellence: Benefit from expert insights from SSI Freediving and Molchanovs System, ensuring mastery of advanced principles for all participants.

Join Our Community: Dive into our vibrant Facebook community post-course, sharing experiences and accessing complimentary pool training sessions to enhance your skills.

Personalized Attention: Small class sizes guarantee personalized coaching, with a maximum 4:1 student to Instructor ratio.

Flexibility & Growth: Choose your learning pace and watch as our adaptable training supports your journey to advanced freediving mastery.

Our freediving courses are conveniently located in Wollongong, Manly, Lilli Pilli, and Shellharbour. Whether you're in Wollongong looking to improve your spearfishing prowess, or in Shellharbour seeking to advance your surfing skills through freediving, we've got you covered.

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