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Learn to Freedive with Wollongong's Top-Rated Freediving School

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Learn To Freedive

Dive into the serene oceanic world with Deep Sensations Freediving, Wollongong's premier gateway to unmatched underwater adventures.

From newcomers to advanced divers aiming to enhance depth, breath-hold, or spearfishing prowess, our globally recognized courses are your ticket to mastering the deep. Taught by coaches mentored by the world's finest freedivers, we offer unparalleled instruction.

Our Level 1 Freediver Course, ideal for novices and those refining their skills, is a popular entry into the sport. For those who've grasped the basics, our Advanced and Master courses meticulously push your limits, facilitating deeper dives and skill refinement.

If you're daunted by open waters, our one-day Basic Freediver Course offers a gentle start, focusing on breath-hold mastery.

Lastly, our Freediving Retreats are an immersive dive experience for all levels, fostering deep water engagement and community connections. Act fast; these spots are highly sought-after!

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Why Freedive With Deep Sensations Freediving?

1. Transformative Experience: Freediving invites you to explore the ocean's wonders with a single breath, offering life-enhancing skills. The techniques you master benefit not just your underwater adventures, but also enrich your daily life.

2. Experience: Drawing inspiration from top global agencies such as PADI Freediver, SSI Freediving, and the Molchanovs System, we've curated courses to ensure an unmatched learning experience.

3. Community: Post-certification, join our vibrant freediving community on Facebook. Dive, train, and embark on aquatic adventures with fellow enthusiasts.

4. Location Versatility: Whether you're a beginner seeking calm waters or an expert chasing challenges, our courses run across Wollongong, Shellharbour, Kiama, Cronulla and Sydney.

5. Flexibility: From day-long courses to intensive training sessions, pick what fits your pace and comfort. Our courses can also be tailored to your goals and experience levels.

Our Freediving Courses

SSI Basic Freediver Course Photo

Basic Freediver

(1 Day Course)

The SSI Basic Freediver course propels you into the serene and invigorating domain of freediving. Combine online learning with hands-on in-water practice, ensuring your safety and confidence as you dive to depths of up to five meters. Proudly earn your SSI Basic Freediver certification at the culmination of this program.

SSI Level 1 Freediver Course Photo with Deep Sensations Freediving

Level 1 Freediver

(2 Day Course)

With the SSI Level 1 Freediver certification, the world becomes your underwater playground. Integrated learning experiences, from online modules to open water dives, equip you with the prowess to dive up to 20 meters. As you earn your certification, you're not just learning to freedive; you're joining a global community.

Deep Sensations Freediving Advanced Freediver Course Photo

Advanced Freediver

(2 Day Course)

For those with the hunger to explore further and hold their breath longer, the SSI Progressive Freediver course is your beacon. Enhance your efficiency in the water, learn the revolutionary freefall and Frenzel techniques, and expand your buddy system capabilities. The ocean's depth holds no secrets from a progressive freediver.

Deep Sensations Freediving Coaching and Training Sessions

Freediving Coaching

(1.5hr Sessions)

Dive deeper into the art of freediving with personalized coaching sessions. Whether in the pool refining technique or exploring ocean depths, our expert guidance elevates your skills. Deep Sensations is Wollongong's top -rated school, so dive in, breathe less, and explore more of what you are capable of - in the water and out. 

Our Freediving Retreats

Disconnect from everyday life and find deeper connections with yourself, nature, and like-minded individuals.

Delve into the serene world of our bespoke freediving retreats, where daily hustle gives way to oceanic tranquility. Deep Sensations invites you to connect deeply with yourself, nature, and a community of fellow enthusiasts. At the retreat's heart is freediving, a meditative communion with the sea, enhanced by integrated breathwork.

We take a holistic approach to our retreats, Starting the days with breathwork, yoga and mindfulness to set the the tone for the day. Mindfulness practices punctuate our agenda, ensuring you remain present and cherish each moment.


Our retreats either focus on freediving development, incredible marine interactions, and exploring raw natural beatuy with like-minded individuals. For those keen, certification opportunities await.


Dive deep, evolve, and transform with us.

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