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  • What gear do I need to bring?
    On our Courses and Training Sessions you will need to bring the following: - Wetsuit (3mm or thicker) - Mask - Snorkel - Fins - Weights + Weight Belts If you are missing any of the above, we offer FREE gear hire with no hidden fees.
  • I can't hold my breath for very long, will I be able to do a freediving course?
    That's what we are here for. There is no prerequisite for breath hold capabilities on our Level 1 Freediving course. We will teach you everything you need to know, from how to breathe up, relaxation and mental strategies, and give you the tools to help you slow down your heart rate. On average, most students who complete this course will achieve a breath hold of 1 minute 30 +
  • I have heard freediving can be dangerous, is it true?
    Like most rewarding things in life, there are risks involved with freediving. However the biggest danger people have head about is the shallow water blackout. With the right safety measures and precautions, a shallow water blackout is very avoidable and easy to respond to should it happen to you or your dive buddy. By the end of the Level 1 Freediver Course you will understand why it's a misconception that freediving is dangerous, and how to reduce your risk.
  • Does the course include a certification?
    Sure does! Upon successful completion of the Molchaovs Wave 1 or SSI Level 1 Freediving, Molchanovs Wave 2 and Try Freediving Courses, you will receive an internationally recognised certificate from one of the world's most reputable diving agencies. You will then be able to use your certification to progress on your journey as a freediver and join our Line Training Sessions.
  • Do I need to be a certified freediver to come to line training session.
    Our Line Training requires you to have completed a Level 1 Freediver Course to join our Line Sessions. We understand that you may not have completed all of your course requirements, so if this is the case get in touch to discuss.
  • Will the course go ahead if there is bad weather?
    Day 1 of the course will go on regardless of weather, as it consists of theory and a pool session, meaning it is independent of he weather. On Day 2 of the course, in the event of poor conditions (strong winds, swell, current, etc.), you will be offered a number of alternative dates to choose from.

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