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Surf Survival - Apnea For Surfers

Master your breath and become more confident and capable in the surf.

Surf Survival - Apnea For Surfers

Transform your surf survival skills with our one-day Surf Survival Apnea course, tailored by elite freedivers to empower watermen facing daunting ocean challenges daily.

This one day course is designed to help surfers, kite surfers, kayakists, lifeguards or other watermen/women to become more resilient in the ocean.


Unlock Your Potential:

  • Dive into essential theory sessions, understanding the physiological nuances of breath-hold and the phases of drowning.

  • Engage in specialised breathwork drills, enhancing lung capacity and oxygen efficiency to prepare your body and mind for aquatic demands.

Immersive Training:

  • Experience immersive pool sessions replicating real-life surfing scenarios.

  • Refine breath-hold techniques amidst out-of-breath simulations and practice rapid recovery strategies post-wipeout.

Mental Resilience:

  • Cultivate swift mental calmness crucial for navigating high-stress ocean situations.

  • Enhance decision-making prowess, empowering you to face challenges with confidence both in and out of the surf.

Holistic Approach:

  • Harness relaxation techniques to manage stress and fear effectively, boosting mental resilience.

  • Integrate surf enhancement with specialized breathwork, equipping you with a comprehensive skill set to conquer the waves and life's challenges.

Join us, redefine your connection with the ocean, and elevate your surfing journey with our Surf Survival Apnea course.


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Troy Apps, Level 1 Freediver Course

"Curtis was an excellent instructor providing a lot of valuable knowledge and insight into the physical, mental, technical, and safety aspects of Freediving. The course was a great experience."- Troy A.

Breakdown Of The Surf Survival Apnea Course

  • Section 1 - Surf Survival Apnea Theory and Breathwork: In this section, we delve into the intricate science of freediving and breathwork, key components that can be used to develop your surf and ocean confidence. We'll explore the fascinating physiology of freediving, the mammalian dive reflex, and effective equalisation methods. Further, we'll examine breathing techniques for extended breath holds, as well as recovery breaths, helping you gain greater control over your body and mind in stressful wipeouts and hold downs—an essential skill for ocean survival and surf apnea mastery.

  • Section 2 - Surf Apnea Dry Practical: Breath Holds, Mental Strategies, and Stress Management: Building on the theoretical foundation, this module empowers you to put your newfound knowledge into practice. Emphasising surf survival apnea, we'll engage in practical breath hold exercises, enhance the flexibility of your thoracic region—including crucial breathing muscles like the lungs, diaphragm, and intercostal muscles—and introduce the mental relaxation techniques that underpin successful breathwork.

  • Section 3 - Ocean Survival Pool Session: Practical Application of Breathwork and Surf Apnea
    This session marks the culmination of the Theory Session and 'Dry Practical Session' by applying everything learned in a dynamic pool environment. You'll perform both static and dynamic breath holds, evolving to incorporate empty lung breath holds as the session progresses. By equipping you with these essential skills, we aim to instill a sense of strength and preparedness, not just for ocean conditions and surf apnea but also for any stressful situations you may encounter in everyday life.

Benefits of Surf Survival Apnea


Enhanced Ocean Resilience


Empowered Decision Making


Holistic Surf Development


In Collaboration With

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