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Train Your Freediving with Deep Sensations

In-person Pool and Depth Training available, as well as Remote Training.

Progress your freediving with Deep Sensations Freediving Training

Deep Sensations Freediving offers tailored coaching for freedivers of all levels.


Whether you're advanced or just starting out, our approach focuses on connection, relaxation, and technique rather than pushing limits. Our approach helps freedivers take the pressure off themselves, dive safely and progress their freediving in a more streamline manor.


We create a supportive environment where we discuss your goals before delivering personalised training. Additionally, we offer remote options, including video analysis and land-based training, at no extra cost.


Our aim is to develop your skills while deepening your connection to the water.


Work on technique, improve relaxation, hold your breath longer and dive further. 

Pool training is an essential component of freediving, as it provides a controlled environment for divers to practice and improve their techniques.


Pool training is well suited for divers wishing to advance their depth and those who enjoy pool disciplines more! 

At Deep Sensations Freediving, we conduct pool training sessions at several locations, including Shellharbour Ocean Pool, University of Wollongong pool, and Beaton Park Leisure Centre.


You must have completed a beginner freediver course. If you still need to tick off requirements, contact us to discuss. 

When and Where:

University of Wollongong, Tuesdays 7.30pm (Social freediving training)

University of Wollongong, Fridays 9am to 10.30am (Certified freedivers only) 

Reserve your spot for Friday Pool Training at University of Wollongong

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    1 hr

    25 Australian dollars

Line Training - Depth Sessions

Work on technique, equalisation, improve your relxation and comfortably dive deeper. 

Are you ready to take your freediving to new levels?


We will help you connect with the water like you never have before. We get you want to focus on depth, but we flip this narrative on its head. We focus on technique, equalisation and relaxation,  fine tune this and depth follows!  


Deep Sensations Freediving offers depth training sessions at Shellharbour's Bass Point and Lilli Pilli, all of which are extremely protected and offer depths for beginner and advanced divers. 


You must have completed a beginner freediver course. If you still need to tick off requirements, contact us to discuss. 


Shellharbour, Wollongong, Lilli Pilli, Manly 

Get in Touch

If you are after private training sessions, online coaching, or have questions about our pool and depth training - please fill out the form. 

0413 858 667

Wollongong based

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