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Online Coaching for Freediving

Take the guesswork out of your freediving with personalised training programs that you can do anywhere in the world.

Experience the freedom of advancing your freediving skills from anywhere in the world with Deep Sensations remote freediving training options.


Whether you're unable to attend in-person sessions or prefer the convenience of training on your own schedule, our remote coaching services cater to your needs.


With our remote training, you have the flexibility to choose from various options tailored to your preferences.

Dry Training: Enhance your dry statics, strength, flexibility, and breath-holding capacity with tailored dry training programs designed to support your freediving journey.

Static Training: Refine your breath-hold technique and mental focus with specialised static apnea training, aimed at improving your ability to hold your breath for extended periods.

Dynamic Training: Improve your underwater efficiency and propulsion techniques through dynamic apnea training, focusing on breath-hold swimming in a pool setting.

Depth Training: Elevate your freediving skills and confidence with personalised depth training sessions, where you'll learn proper equalization techniques, relaxation methods, and safety protocols for diving to greater depths.


Our Online Coaching Programs

These personalised programs offer invaluable insights and strategies to help you overcome obstacles and unlock your full potential.



Month to Month

Perform a training block with ongoing support and progress tracking, allowing you to consistently refine your skills over time. This is best for freedivers who are serious about progressing their freediving in a carefully structured manor. ​



We will design a one off program specifically around your goals, providing targeted guidance for focused improvement. This is a great place for freedivers who have want to get more consistent with their training and want to take the guesswork out of it.


Coaching Call

Chat with our experienced coaches to address any mental blocks or challenges you may encounter along your freediving journey. If you are stuck somewhere in your freediving journey and want to overcome your road block.

At Deep Sensations Freediving, our remote training options empower you to take control of your training and progress at your own pace, all while receiving expert guidance and support from our dedicated team. Dive deeper into your freediving practice from anywhere in the world with Deep Sensations Freediving remote training.

How does it work?

Step 1: Book a consultation call or purchase up front

Step 2: During the call, or a webform we will discuss your goals, strengths, challenges, experience, etc. 

Step 3: We will setup a TEST day program - to determine where you are at

Step 4: A weekly training plan will be developed for you. 

Step 5: Each week you will share feedback of your workouts and we will create the following weeks program accordingly. 

Remote Freediving Training with one of Australia's Top-Rated Freediving Schools

Completely tailored for you

Ready to take your freediving to the next level? At Deep Sensations Freediving's online coaching, we're here to guide you every step of the way. From setting your starting point to reaching those lofty goals and beyond, we're all about helping you become the ultimate underwater explorer. We put in the groundwork, crunching numbers and planning meticulously, so you can focus on what matters most—diving deeper and achieving your dreams.


Continuous support

- Track progress with regular check-ins
- Personalized meal plans & training programs
- Convenient phone/Skype meetings
- 24/7 real-time support
- Access to preferred suppliers
- Join our online community
- Enjoy discounted depth and line training sessions
- We're here to support your journey!"

“Been meaning to meet up with Curtis for a fun social dive but when he ran a retreat on the Central Coast I jumped on the chance to be coached by him to improve my freediving. Little did I know it would be the best weekend ever, and I'd meet some of the loveliest people so I highly recommend joining one of his upcoming retreats! I've always underestimated myself and been unable to relax on open water sessions which has often made me turn early. But Curtis was one of the best instructors I've had, his style of teaching clicked with me, taking away all pressure. I felt super confident to hit PB's and make that depth comfortable. Each dive was super chill and felt easy knowing Curtis was right there as my safety :) Will happily travel to join Curtis and Brodie on the float anytime"

Brielle, Depth Clinic

Alexa Young, CA

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