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Basic Freediver (1 Day Course) 

🌊 Discover the Ocean’s Mystique: Uncover the enthralling world beneath the waves with our Level 1 Freediver course, precisely tailored and adaptable to suit your personal aspirations.


Course Inclusions: ✓ eLearning Materials: Access comprehensive online resources to solidify your freediving knowledge.

✓ 2x Combined Pool Sessions: Hone your skills in controlled environments before the open sea beckons.

✓ Internationally Recognised Certification: On completion, flaunt a certification acknowledged globally.


📘  Dive into the world of Freediving

  • Theory Session: Embark on a journey through freediving's intricacies with Deep Sensations Freediving. Grasp the impact of depth pressure, master the art of proper breathing, fathom freediving physiology, and learn pivotal techniques like equalization and relaxation. This theoretical foundation is complemented with hands-on dry land exercises.

  • Pool Session: Post-theory, we immerse in the pool’s tranquil confines. Revel in static breath-hold exhilaration, sharpen your diving style, and engage in essential rescue training.



Prerequsites: No prior breath-holding background or prowess is necessary. Just ensure you can swim a minimum of 200 meters.


📩 Dive In! Questions? Feel free to reach out. Ready for a deep-sea rendezvous? Book your course and let the adventure begin! 🌊

Basic Freediver (1 Day Course)

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