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Beginner Freediver Course (Level 1/Wave 1)


Get ready to master your breath and become a Level 1 Freediver. 


Forge a deeper connection with the marine world that surrounds you. Discovering the art of freediving is simpler than you imagine. 


Our course is carefully designed to help you build your confidence, knowledge and skills as the weekend progresses. 



✓ 2x Pool Sessions: Hone your skills and apply all the theory in a controlled environment before the depth sessions on day 2

✓ 2x Depth Sessions: Experience the ocean’s depth, applying techniques and skills in real-world conditions.

✓ Internationally Recognised Certification

✓ Full Gear Hire

✓ Photo + video package


What you will gain:

✓ Learn how to equalise up to 20m

✓Discover relaxation and mental strategies professional freedivers use

✓ Improve your breathhold and bottom times

✓ Learn how to rescue and buddy properly

✓ Discover the phyisology of freediving

✓ Master the secrets to a proper breatheup


🌟 What are the prerequisites? 

None! That's right you don't need any prior freediving experience, nor do you need a good breathhold to do this us, we will get you holding your breath well over a minute, in no time! 


All that is required, is basic swim fitness to be able to swim 200m unassisted. 


Who is this course for? 

This course really is for anyone, from un-certified freedivers, to spearfishers, snorkellers, surfers, underwater photographers or anyone just wanting to try something new. 


Course layout

📘 Day 1: Dive into Freediving

Theory Session and pool sessions



🌊 Day 2: Apply your knowledge and training

Jump in for the depth sessions and apply all the new skills and techniques you learned from the day prior. . 


Please note: location of the diving on Day 2 is subject to change due to ocean conditions. We will select the safest and best dive site, to you to have a good experience.

Beginner Freediver Course

AU$539.00 Regular Price
AU$439.00Sale Price

Early Bird Courses

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