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Introducing Molchanovs Freediving Courses and Bali Retreat - May Community Update

Molchanovs Freediving courses at Deep Sensations Freediving

Hey Deep Sensations Freedivers!

It's time for an exciting update.

We've been making 'waves' and we can't wait to share our latest news with you.

Curtis has spent the past seven weeks in Amed, Indonesia, undergoing intensive training and earning his Wave 2 Molchanovs Instructor certification.

This time has equipped him with the knowledge and skills needed to deliver top-notch Molchanovs freediving courses right here on the South Coast and in Sydney.

We're thrilled to announce that we're now offering Molchanovs courses alongside our existing SSI courses.

Why Molchanovs, you ask?

Molchanovs represents the cutting edge of freediving education.

Their approach to training and certification is not just about mastering the art of holding your breath and diving deep; it's about understanding the science behind freediving, pushing the boundaries of human capability, and fostering a global community of passionate freedivers.

But what truly sets Molchanovs apart is their commitment to innovation.

They're constantly pushing the envelope, developing new training techniques, and refining their curriculum based on the latest research and insights.

This dedication to excellence resonates deeply with us at Deep Sensations, where we're always striving to provide our community with the best possible training experience.

In addition to embracing Molchanovs' innovative approach to freediving education, we've had the incredible opportunity to train with, be coached by, and work alongside some of the most esteemed figures in the freediving world.

We've had the privilege of learning from national record holders, world-class instructors, and Molchanovs athletes who embody the spirit of excellence and adventure that defines our community.

We are now offering new freediving courses

Discover Freediving (Taste test)

Dive into the world of freediving with Deep Sensations Molchanovs' Discover Freediving Experience!

Whether you're short on time or unsure about committing to a full course, this immersive introduction offers a glimpse into the art of breath-hold diving.

You will learn basic breathing techniques and join us for a fun dive at either Bushrangers Bay, or Cabbage Tree Bay.

It's the perfect way to dip your toes into the depths of this exhilarating sport!

Beginner Freediver (Wave 1)

Dive deeper into the world of freediving with our Beginner Freediver course, crafted by Deep Sensations Molchanovs. Explore the fundamental physics shaping your underwater experience, from Boyle's law to Archimedes' principle. Gain insights into proper weighting, ear equalization, and essential breathing techniques, unlocking the secrets to diving safely and efficiently.

Discover the fascinating similarities between human and marine mammal physiology, unraveling the mysteries of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and optimal breathing practices. Master mental skills for enhanced relaxation and visualization, empowering you to dive with confidence and ease.

Safety takes center stage as you learn buddy diving protocols, rescue procedures, and injury prevention strategies. Equip yourself with knowledge of specialised gear and progressive training methods, ensuring a safer and more comfortable freediving journey.

Freediving course locations: Wollongong, Sydney, Central Coast

Advanced Freediver (Wave 2)

As a Molchanovs Wave 2 Advanced Freediver, you'll push your boundaries to depths of up to -30m, honing your skills in various disciplines including no fin techniques and the powerful monofin method.

Delve into the history of freediving, exploring its origins and evolution, while deepening your understanding of the physics behind it all, from Dalton’s law to Henry’s law. Enhance your breathing techniques, focusing on perfecting the Frenzel equalization maneuver through specialized drills and guidance. Elevate your mental training with mindfulness techniques tailored to different scenarios and gain insights into preventing and treating freediving-related injuries.

Elevate safety measures with comprehensive knowledge on blackouts, decompression illness, and advanced rescue techniques, ensuring a secure and fulfilling freediving journey.

Freediving course locations: Sydney, Cronulla, Central Coast

Master Freediver (Wave 3)

Our Wave 3 Freediver course will only be held in Bali, during our September freediving adventure, as we will have a Wave 3 Freediving Instructor join us for the retreat. Once certified with the Wave 3 you will be able to join us and assist on freediving courses.

Freediving course locations: Bali trip 2024, Lake Eacham trip 2025

Speaking of Curtis' time in Bali...

New Freediving Trip announced, we are going to Amed, Bali!

Amed Freediving Retreat

On the back of Curtis' trip, we're thrilled to announce that we'll be hosting a freediving trip to Bali, Amed this September, and we want you to join us for eight days of underwater exploration and adventure.

Picture this: morning line sessions in the crystal-clear waters of Amed, where you'll have the chance to hone your freediving skills under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Afternoons filled with workshops and seminars covering everything from breath-holding and advanced equalisation techniques to underwater photogaphy and no fins workshops. And let's not forget about the highlight of the trip – wreck dives that will take you to breathtaking underwater landscapes teeming with marine life.

But the adventure doesn't stop there!

And of course, there will be plenty of opportunities to connect with fellow freedivers, share stories, and enjoy local cusisine and sites

Whether you're a seasoned freediving enthusiast or a complete beginner, our retreat to Amed promises an unforgettable experience that will leave you feeling exhilarated, inspired, and deeply connected to the ocean.

You will be able to obtain either Wave 1 and/or 2 certification, or your Wave 3 certification.

You have just under three weeks left to save $300 by registering for the Early Bird rates. After 11:59 on May 31st, prices will increase. Register now and save $$$

So what are you waiting for?

Dive into the deep end with Deep Sensations Freediving Community and join us for an unforgettable adventure in Amed this September. Your next underwater adventure awaits!

We have been nominated for Outstanding New Business Award!

Deep Sensations Freediving nominated for Outstanding New Business

Whilst we are talking about the freediving community, we cannot begin to thank you all enough.

Deep Sensations Freediving has been nominated for Outstanding New Business as part of the Local Business Awards.

It would mean the world if you could take 1 minute to vote for us.

Voting closes in less than one week. To everyone who has already voted, thank you!

Freediving Retreat Updates - Almost sold out, and we are changing how we do things!

Giant Kelp Forest Tasmania

Our 'retreats' this year have been extremely popular, and all of them have almost sold out.

So if you have been eyeing one off, now is the time to jump on it.

Now that we have a growing roster of retreats, we want to recategorise things for you.

'Retreats' sounds too fancy, and to us, it doesn't encapsulate the different experiences that are offered...

For example, our Jervis Bay 'Retreat 'offers an intimate camping experience, while our Byron Bay Retreat is hosted in a luxury villa. This is precisely why we're going to be utilising the following categories...

Freediving Weekend:

This is exactly what it sounds like. Our freediving weekends will take place across 2 or 3 days, amongst some of our favourite locations in Australia.

These weekends will also fall into two categories: 'social freediving weekend' and 'freediving weekend'.

Our social weekends will be very informal getaways where our team organises dives and activities at some of our favourite locations, and you can pop in and out as you please.

Whereas the Freediving Weekend will be more structured and organised with 'set (loose guide - you know how it is!) itineraries, activities, etc.

Our 'retreats' at Shellharbour, Jervis bay, Seal Rocks, Byron Bay, and Byron Bay 'Social' weekend would now all come under this category.

Freediving Adventure:

These are more of our freediving adventure and fun dive experiences, as opposed to depth sessions and training.

Tasmania is the prime example of this category; it's more focused on experiencing incredible dive sites, marine interactions, swim-throughs, and other interactions, activities, and hikes.

In some locations, it may be possible to get a line session going, but depth diving is not a focus on these experiences.

Our 'Ningaloo Reef 'Retreat'' would now fall into this category.

Freediving Development:

This is exactly what it sounds like, freediving experiences that focus on your freediving development.

Like all the categories, it's not mutually exclusive. There is always plenty of time to unwind, enjoy local sites, go on fun dives and have fun activities.

Just the emphasis is on your training and development while having a good time!

Our Lake Eacham, Cairns and Central Coast are both examples of freediving development trips.

Freediving Trip:

These are our longer, international experiences where you will experience a range of activities, workshops, line training, and adventure/fun dives.

Our Amed, Bali trip is our first freediving trip, and it is a 50/50 split of line training and development and freediving adventures.

Discover wrecks, marine life, swim with manta rays, etc.

Workshops at these freediving 'retreats' will be tailored to complement the essence of each experience.

For instance, Development trips will focus on workshops aimed at enhancing freediving techniques and skills, while Adventure trips may feature workshops on conservation, photography, and animal behaviour.

However, it's important to note that these distinctions aren't always strict; we will customise workshops and activities based on the location and the divers' interests.

Upcoming Freediving Trips

Freediving Weekend: Seal Rocks

Date: 17 - 19 May

Spaces Left: 2

Location: Seal Rocks

Freediving Development: Lake Eacham, Cairns

Date: 20 - 24 August

Spaces Left: 3

Location: Lake Eacham, Cairns

NEW Freediving Trip: Amed, Bali

Date: 19 - 26 September

Spaces Left: 6

Location: Amed, Bali

Freediving Adventure: Giant Kelp Forest, Tasmania

Date: 7 - 10 November

Spaces Left: 4

Location: Giant Kelp Forest, Tasmania

Freediving Shellharbour's Gravel Loader

Line Training dates added

We have added new line training dates for the months of May and June.

Course date added

One last course has been added before Winter comes in full swing. Sign up for the Beginner Freediver course, 25 + 26 May.

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