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Community Update: Dive Deeper with Deep Sensations Freediving at University of Wollongong Pool

Wollongong Freedivers pool training at University of Wollongong

(Curtis Tredway at University of Wollongong, captured by @brodiewmedia)

Hello Wollongong Freedivers!

We're excited to share some exhilarating news for everyone looking to hone their freediving skills and dive deeper into this mesmerising underwater adventure. Deep Sensations Freediving is thrilled to announce that we are now using the University of Wollongong pool to bring you regular pool training sessions, designed meticulously to boost your freediving prowess.

Dive into the University of Wollongong Pool

Curtis Tredway running a freediving pool training session
Wollongong Freedivers on Lake Eacham Freediving Retreat with Deep Sensations Freediving, pic 2

(Curtis Tredway running a freediving pool training session, captured by @brodiewmedia)

Set within the scenic precincts of the University of Wollongong, their state-of-the-art pool is an impressive 50 metres long and goes down to a depth of 2.3 metres. This expansive space gives you ample room to practice, perform, and perfect your freediving techniques in a controlled environment.

Oh yeah, and it's you won't get as cold on those static breathhold sessions!

Training to Enhance Your Freediving Experience

Wollongong Freedivers on Lake Eacham Freediving Retreat with Deep Sensations Freediving

(Group photo of Deep Sensations group of Wollongong Freedivers in Cairns, captured by @brodiewmedia)

Our new pool training sessions are meticulously structured to address various aspects of freediving:

  1. Technique Perfection: A perfect dive isn't just about depth or duration. It's about the grace and efficiency with which you move underwater. Our sessions will equip you with techniques to streamline your movement and reduce energy consumption, allowing you to dive deeper and stay longer.

  2. CO2 Tolerance: As you may know, increasing CO2 tolerance can be a game-changer for freedivers. Our guided training will introduce you to exercises and practices to safely and progressively improve your CO2 tolerance, giving you the confidence to manage your breath more efficiently.

  3. Breathhold Training: The allure of freediving often lies in the silent stillness one feels during a prolonged breath-hold. We'll provide you with tools and techniques to enhance your breath-hold capabilities safely.

  4. In-Water Fitness: Like any other sport, fitness plays a pivotal role in freediving. Our training regimes will focus on in-water exercises to improve your muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility, ensuring you are in the best shape to tackle the depths.

Join Us Every Friday Morning!

Tim Frankel doing Level 1 Freediver Course, captured by Curtis Tredway

(Tim Frankel doing Level 1 Freediver Course, captured by @curtistredway)

We understand that consistency is key to mastery. Therefore, we've scheduled our training sessions at a time that allows you to kick-start your day with a rejuvenating dive. Join us at 7:15 am every Friday and make the most of these sessions. Immerse yourself in the serene waters of the University of Wollongong pool and let's embark on this journey of self-improvement together.

Want additional training, ta?

Join Deep Sensations Freediving and Wollongong Freedivers Tuesday nights at 7:30 for pool training. It's a very fun and casual session. Just $10 to join.

Important Disclaimer: These pool training sessions are exclusively for certified freedivers. It's paramount for us to maintain a safe environment for everyone, and thus, participants must provide evidence of their certification prior to joining. Safety first, always! Not yet certified? Book a course!

Freediving Instructor Matt Johnson at University of Wollongong, captured by @curtistredway

(Freediving Instructor Matt Johnson at University of Wollongong, captured by @curtistredway)

In conclusion, this is an exciting time for Deep Sensations Freediving and our wonderful community in Wollongong. We're looking forward to seeing many of you every Friday. Whether you're an old hand at freediving or a recent enthusiast, our training sessions promise improvement, camaraderie, and most importantly, the thrill of the deep dive.

Until then, keep diving, keep exploring, and stay safe!

With buoyant enthusiasm,

The Deep Sensations Freediving Team.


Looking for one on one coaching or depth sessions to take your freediving to new levels? Find out more.


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