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Surf Survival Apnea Training - New Program Announcement

(Photo credit: Andrew Mcinnes)

At its core, Wollongong is a community of surfers.

From up North at Stanwell Park, to Austi, Thirroul, and Bulli, and all the way down to Wollongong - we are inundated with epic surf breaks. The result of having such good waves on our doorstep, is that Wollongong has a plethora of talented surfers.

I think we can all agree that one of the worst things about surfing is being held under, after a gnarly wipeout. Sometimes it is merely a couple of seconds, but those few seconds can feel like an eternity as the wind is sucked out of you and your body is ragdolled around. Then, as you finally reach the surface, gasping for air - another wave in comes crashing down.

It doesn't matter how pro you are, these moments can induce just as much stress and fear in seasoned vets as it does beginner surfers.

This is why we wanted to develop a program that better equips surfers with the tools, breathing techniques, relaxation and mental strategies to better prepare, and manage these situations.

So, we are ecstatic to announce that from December 3, Deep Sensations Freediving will be providing, Surf Resilience Training Programs. These programs will include Level 1 and Level 2 Surf Resilience Courses, and weekly training sessions.

Surf Resilience Training incorporates lots of the breathing practices and tools used in freediving to increase your breath hold capacity, reduce recovery time between breath holds (i.e. training you to be better prepared to take those repeat sets on the head), and the relaxation and mental strategies to deal with stress and fear.

Our first session will be held exclusively for Gong Gurfers on December 3, and then we will be opening up courses to the public in the New Year.

What's Involved With The Surf Survival Training Course?

The Deep Sensations Surf Survival Training is a comprehensive one day program that is designed for surfers of all levels.

Our course incorporates all of the fundamentals of freediving, and utilises breathing tools, relaxation methods, and mental strategies, for beginner and intermediate surfers to improve your surf performance and confidence in stressful situations, such as wipeouts.

By the end of the course you will have:

  • Developed greater self awareness and connection to your breath.

  • Better decision making capabilities under high levels of stress. - A quiver of relaxation and mental strategies to handle stress and fear.

  • Significantly improved breath hold capacity.

  • Improved confidence

If you are interested in joining a course, we run courses on request, or if you have any questions - fire away! Hit us up via the button below.


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