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Deep Sensations at the Fader Wetsuits Seal Rocks Freediving Retreat: A Mid-Winter Dive into Paradise

(Image credits: Rob Carraro)

Deep Sensations is back from our recent trip up the coast, to attend the Fader Wetsuits Seal Rocks retreat.

A Diver's Paradise - Seal Rocks Freediving Retreat

(Image credits: Kendall Rose)

Seal Rocks, a gem nestled off the coast of New South Wales in Australia, is a diving utopia like no other.

This slice of paradise is tucked away from the hustle and bustle, approximately 2hrs north of Sydney, offering the perfect respite for nature lovers. The natural beauty above water is rivalled only by the rich aquatic biodiversity beneath the waves.

Teeming with a myriad of marine life, it is renowned for its unique topography, including dramatic underwater cliffs, intriguing crevasses, and a vibrant reef.

With excellent visibility throughout the year, the conditions at Seal Rocks are prime for both beginner and advanced freedivers. This rich marine eco-system is guaranteed to surprise you, you never know what marine mammals or critters you will see.

An Epic Weekend Getaway To Freedive Seal Rocks

(Image credits: Donovan Callaghan )

The retreat turnout was fantastic, with over 40 sea-loving individuals ready to dive into the action. Our days were jam-packed with diving sessions, insightful talks, and dawn mindfulness sessions (I heard these were good, I may have done my own morning mindfulness is the comfort of my cozy bed).

We embarked on three awe-inspiring dive sessions, each one showcasing the mesmerizing beauty of marine life, and offering unique interactions and sightings. We were graced by eels, turtles, and dolphins. Sharks? They were in abundance: wobbegong, portjackson, grey nurse, and the unforgettable bronze whalers. Our team were definitely glad they were nice and close to their buddy's when the seven bronzewhalers circled them.

I had the privilege of leading or 'dolphin pod' out into the big blue. Showing off some of Seal Rocks awe-inspiring beauty, and teaching the foundations of equalisation - and the secrets to diving deeper and more comfortably.

Thank You To Fader Wetsuits

(Image credits: Rob Carraro)

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to the Fader Wetsuits team for orchestrating such a phenomenal retreat. Their hard work and dedication shone through every detail, and their success was evident in the buzzing energy and camaraderie that permeated the entire weekend.

It was a joy to be part of the amazing community they have cultivated. We're beyond excited about our relationship with Fader and look forward to fostering this bond further in future escapades.

So, until we plunge into our next adventure, keep the diving spirit high, explore the unexplored, and perhaps, catch a mindfulness session or two. Remember, the best part of the thrill is in the chill.

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View Full Gallery of Seal Rocks Freediving Retreat - Full Credits to Kendall

(Image credits: Kendall Rose)


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