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Deep Sensations Freediving Tasmania Retreat

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Deep Sensations Freediving Tasmania Retreat, Giant Kelp Forest

(Stacy freediving amongst Giant Kelp Forests, Tasmania, shot by @kendallrosephoto)

Greetings from the Deep Sensations team! We're thrilled to share the incredible journey

we embarked upon during our 2nd annual retreat in Tasmania, spanning four unforgettable days from November 15 to 18.

Buckle up for an immersive recap of the adventure that unfolded against the backdrop of Tasmania's stunning landscapes and the enchanting Eaglehawk Neck.

Day 1: Meet and greet

Australian Fur Seal on rocks, Deep Sensations Freediving Tasmania Retreat

(An Australian Fur Seal, Deep Sensations Freediving Tasmania Retreat, shot by @kendallrosephoto)

Our retreat kicked off with a rendezvous at a charming farm, where the excitement of meeting alpacas, roaming chickens, pigs, and goats set the tone for the days ahead. For many participants, it was a first-time encounter with pademelons (I didn't know they were a thing either), adding an extra layer of excitement. As the sun dipped below the horizon, we gathered for a delightful dinner featuring homemade burgers and crispy potatoes, getting to know one another among both new and returning faces.

Day 2: Giant Kelp Forest and Seals

Bull Kelp, Deep Sensations Freediving

(Australian Bull Kelp, Deep Sensations Freediving Tasmania Retreat, shot by @kendallrosephoto)

The real adventure began on Day 2, as we set sail on Eaglehawk Dive Centre's catamaran, ready to embrace the brisk Tasmanian morning. Our destination: Fortescue Bay, hom

e to a unique kelp forest plantation. Our experience Captain, Mick shared many stories of his diving career, as well as the start revelations of the changes he has seen to the marine eco-systems across Tassy. Including the 95% reduction in the kelp forests.

Our first dive, was a spark of hope. We got to dive a replantation of the giant kelp forests. This is the first successful replantation of its kind, and soon they are hoping to be able to scale this mission to help preserve the Giant Kelp Forests. Curtis, our experienced instructor, even joined in the research efforts, assessing the growth of a new plantation. Did you know that kelp can grow up to 37cm per day?

After a morning filled with exploration, we gathered for a warming morning tea accompanied by delicious hot soup.

The afternoon unfolded with playful encounters with a massive colony of seals, a journey beneath the famous Devil's Arch, and a cruise along awe-inspiring sea cliffs and caves, as we returned back to harbour.

To cap off the day, Kaeo from Freedive Tasmania treated us to a hands-free equalization workshop, sharing insights on clearing sinuses naturally. Dinner brought us together with a mouthwatering bolognese, garlic bread, and a family secret sauce, French dressing, thanks to Curtis's grandma – a newfound favourite among the group.

Swimming with seals on the Deep Sensations Freediving Tasmania Retreat

(Australian Fur Seals playing, Deep Sensations Freediving Tasmania retreat, shot by @kendallrosephoto)

Day 3: Sea caves, swim throughs and aquatic adventures

(Deep Glenn Cave, Deep Sensations Freediving Tasmania Retreat, shot by @kendallrosephoto)

Awakening to morning breathwork, Day 3 blessed us with radiant sunshine, and no, we aren't talking about Kaeo's presence as he rejoined us for a day of diving.

We kicked-off the day's diving with an incredible swim-through at Foc Rock, featureing a MASSIVE swimthrough sitting at 10m. Later, uur boat ventured into a breathtaking sea cave, later explored and d

ived into. Deep Glenn's stunning bay revealed tales of an elusive weedy sea dragon, we are letting Feryx take the claim of seeing it.

Returning to the cave we sailed through earlier in the day, we decided it was time to take a dive and explore it from below, and was it worth it!

With energy to spare from some of the crew, we embarked on a post-adventure hike to to Remarkable Cave and a HUGE blowhole.

Being the last night, in Deep Sensations tradition, it was time to come together for our farewell dinner. Curtis whipped up a delicious sweet potato and coconut curry, with garlic pizza as an entree, and a well-cooked apple pie for dessert.

Day 4: Farewells

The final day unfolded with a final farewell before exploring Freedive Tasmania's new store, featuring their coveted Depthwish product line. A leisurely morning tea at a local café allowed us to reflect on our Tasmanian escapade before bidding farewell to the breathtaking landscapes that had become our temporary home.

In retrospect, our Deep Sensations Freediving Retreat to Tasmania was not just a journey beneath the waves but a holistic experience of connection – with nature, like-minded divers, and ourselves.

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The Deep Sensations Team


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