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Deep Sensations Freediving: November Update

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

(Image Credits: Curtis Tredway at Eaglehawk Neck, Tasmania, captured by @brodiewmedia)

We will be hosting regular updates for our community to be able to stay in the loop for all of our epic adventures.

November has been a mammoth journey for us, being our official launch month and establishing the first dedicated freediving school in Wollongong has not been a small task.

We are so stoked with the positive reception we have had within the community, and we are so appreciative of the support that we have received.

So let's dive into (no pun intended) what we have been up to over this past month.

Tasmania Trip

To kick-off this epic month, the Deep Sensations Freediving team jetsetted to Tasmania to scout out locations for a freediving retreat in 2023. Our expience there was insane, it was one of the best trips of our lives!

Happy Days Partnership

(Image credit: @happydayssurf)

Deep Sensations Founder, Thirroul local, Curtis Tredway, partnered up with local surf school, Happy Days, to provide Surf Education to schools across the Illawarra and Sydney.

Curtis was responsible for the breathwork and floating segment of the Surf Education program. Teaching young gromz the importance of breathwork was a little different to his previous experiences as a Freediving Instructor/Breathwork Facilitator.

The primary focus of the breath/float session was to teach the kids about the primary cause of drowning - panic, and how to use different breathing patterns to remain calm, whilst floating effectively.

The kids initially were bored by the concept of breathwork, but as the sessions rolled on they got really into it and were able to place themselves in a rip, float and use the ratio breathing to remain calm.

Breath Sessions With Alpha Gym Woonona

Over the past month we teamed up with Alpha Gym Woonona to deliver Saturday morning breath classes.

These sessions were amazing because we were able to share our knowledge of freediving and breathwork with people who have never tried any form of breathwork.

And despite the Alpha members having little-to-no experience in this space, many were surprised by their ability to achieve 1 minute 30 to 2 minute breath holds.

Gong Gurfers Partnership

(Image Credits: @amourd__photo and @Gonggurfers)

One of our goals at Deep Sensations Freediving is to connect with like minded communities and offer our knowledge and experience in breathwork and freediving.

Gong Gurfers are an amazing initiative by a couple of Wollongong girls, designed to bring together female surfers in the area and organise surfs, camping trips, adventures, and other social events.

We teamed up with them to provide a 'Try Freediving' program, combined with a surf survival program.

This program incorporates the fundamentals of freediving, breathwork, relaxation and mental strategies to deal with high pressure situations, and gets you practicing these skills in the pool. So the next time you are in the surf or just in the water - you will be more capable and confident in your ability to deal with wipeouts, hold-downs and stressful situations.

If you want to learn more about our Surf Survival program - we are running one December 18 and you can read about it here .

Courses and Training

This month we started running Level 1 Freediving Courses and training in Lilli Pilli, Cronulla, and Manly. It's been a long time dream of ours to be able to share this passion of diving and the ocean, with others in the area. So to finally be taking divers out to learn the fundamentals of freediving and help them achieve amazing results has as feeling incredibly stoked.

We will be stepping things up even further in January, and will be running weekly Level 1 Freediving Courses.

New Merch!

After receiving tonnes of strong feedback about the Deep Sensations Freediving prototypes that our staff have been wearing, we decided to order in a new batch of tees.

It is a limited supply, and until we have the Ecommerce platform setup, you will have to message us to secure yours!

That's it for this months recap. We will post another community update at the end of December! Merry Christmas, go make the most of this good weather and warmer waters!

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