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Jervis Bay Freediving and Camping Weekend

Ready for a 3-day adventure away from the usual busy days?


Come join our Deep Sensations Freediving Trip in Jervis Bay! We're inviting you to jump into the stunning waters and feel close to nature and the ocean.

This isn't just a a fun freediving trip. It's a special chance for you to connect more deeply with yourself, the cool stuff in nature, and meet others who love the ocean just as much as you do.

Whether you're a seasoned diver, or just getting a taste for it, this trip promises lots of fun and special memories.


Dive in with us, discover the ocean and yourself, and make stories you'll always remember.

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Why Jervis Bay for Freediving?

Spectacular Topography:

Dive through unique underwater landscapes, swim around the intricacies of the rocky outcrops, and be captivated by the beauty that lies beneath.

Vibrant Seal Population:

Dive alongside playful seals, watch them swirl, twirl, and show off their underwater acrobatics.

Incredible Marine Interactions:

Not only do you get to swim with the delightful seals, but you might also encounter graceful grey nurse sharks, dolphins, and if you're really lucky, the majestic whales.

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Marine Life You May See


Grey Nurse Sharks

Grey Nurse Sharks, Port Jackson and Wobbegong

Jervis Bay_Seal Colony.jpg


Green Sea Turtles and Loggerhead


Humpback Whales

If we are lucky! Lets hope we see some!


And More!

Dolphins, Rays, Octopus, Eels and so much more!

Drum and Drum Sticks_Jervis Bay.jpg

Here's What We Have Planned For You

What's Included?

Private Charter with Wobbegong Freedive:

Get a unique chance to dive with seals, dolphins, whales, and explore the alluring sea caves of Jervis Bay.

Camp Amidst Nature:

Enjoy 2 nights of camping at the picturesque Bendalong.

Guided Dives:

4 in total! This includes 2 dives with Woebegone and 2 invigorating shore dives.

Evening Fun:

Gather around a bonfire, play games, and enjoy a few laughs

Breathwork & Ice Bath Session:

Enhance your diving prowess and relax your muscles.

Optional Fun: From surfing to spearfishing, card games to hiking, and the delightful stingray interaction to slack lining, there's something for everyone! You might even get a chance to pet a kangaroo or dive once more with seals.

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Sold Out

Jervis Bay Freediving Retreat Itinerary - Sample


2:00pm: Arrival & Check-in

4:00pm: Dive 1
6:00pm: Welcome Dinner


6:45am: Meet at boatramp

7:00am - 1:00pm: Private Charter (dives 2 + 3)


3:00pm: Freetime or join rockpool adventure

6pm: Group Dinner


6:30am: Breathwork

7:00am: Breakfast

8:00am: Dive 4

10am: Check-out

10:30 - 12:00pm: Dive 5

12:00pm: Farewell Lunch at local cafe

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Join Us In Jervis Bay

We are limiting this once-in-a-lifetime retreat to just 10 participants to ensure a personalized experience. Don't miss out on this chance to discover, dive, and delight in the wonders of Jervis Bay and Bendalong. Dive in with Deep Sensations Freediving!

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