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Deep Sensations Freediving: Jervis Bay Retreat

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Jervis Bay Freediving Retreat with Deep Sensations

Hello, Deep Sensations Freediving Community!

We are absolutely thrilled to take you on a journey back in time to our enchanting Jervis Bay retreat that unfolded this past weekend. This breathtaking escape into the heart of nature and the deep blue sea was an adventure of a lifetime, where we created unforgettable memories and deep connections.

So, without further ado, let's dive into the highlights of this remarkable retreat.

Day 1: Meet and greet - Seals, Kmart tents and rock pool swims.

As the cars began to pull up, we all got to work setting up our campsite. With out tents overlooking the stunning ocean backdrop, setting the stage for an epic weekend.

From $14 Kmart tents, to swags, campervans, boujee tents and gazebos...our divers rocked up with a wide range of setups for their temporary homes.

Our first activity commenced with a walk around the headland, where we observed charming seals sunbaking on the nearby rocks. These playful marine mammals set the perfect tone for our aquatic adventure, giving a sneak peak into what was to come.

After getting warm on the hike and the sun high in the sky, we found ourselves a crystal-clear oasis. The perfect spot to take a plunge and kick-back.

Dinner time got a little heated...despite cooking burgers for some of the crew, people's true colours quickly came through...Uno showed us who we had to look out for!

Day 2: Private charter, whale carcass, seal colony and more!

Our second day was all about exploring the incredible marine ecosystem of Jervis Bay, and oh was it an adventure!

We embarked on exciting boat tour with the seasoned experts from Woebegone Freedive. Dylan's passion and knowledge shone through as we left Jervis Bay and along cruised along the stunning Point Perpendicular to Drum and Drumsticks.

A highlight of the day was the delightful interactions we had with the curious and spirited seals. The sheer number of them as they rocketed, chaotically through the water was jaw dropping. These playful sea pups (or bears) are always so much fun to share the water with.

Mother Nature revealed her circle of life as we came across a whale carcass—a poignant reminder of the ocean's complex ecosystem. As Dylan explained to the crew, a whalefall can create a rich marine ecosystem that can thrive for up-to 10 years. Whilst it is sad to see, there was still beauty in it.

The day reached its peak when we witnessed dozens of majestic whales breaching and splashing all around us. The sheer size and grace of these creatures took our breath away.

After returning to shore, we also made some new marine friends as we gently petted the friendly stingrays, an experience that yet again, showcased the wonders of the sea.

After a quick dash for the sunset, we managed to find the perfect viewing point to watch one of nature's best shows...although half the group may have kind of got lost on the way. To finish the night we sat around a crackling beach bonfire. The warm glow, margaritas and shared stories made this night truly unforgettable.

Day 3: Cold water immersion, cannibal Port Jackson and diving at Australia's whitest sand beach.

Sunday marked a bittersweet end to the retreat...

But it wasn't ending without some of the best highs of the weekend!

We kickstarted our morning with a breathwork and ice bath session by Curtis. For most, it was their first cold plunge ever.

Even whilst experiencing discomfort, there was nothing but smiles and laughs from everyone. We encouraged one another to the end, and finished with a group hug, whilst swimming in the pristine waters.

After a quick pitstop to give the caffeine fiends their fix, we embarked on a mission to the whitest sand beach in Australia, Hyams beach.

We were blessed with some epic conditions and got to witness a first, for everyone there...we watched a massive Port Jackson Shark eating a Port Jackson Shark egg...yep, eating!

In conclusion, our Jervis Bay retreat was a magnificent odyssey filled with extraordinary natural encounters, thrilling underwater explorations, tonnes of banter, and heartwarming connections. It's moments like these that remind us of the importance of connection.

This weekend was all about adding depth to our lives and building deeper connections with nature, ourselves and the community. We're grateful to each and every one of you who shared this remarkable journey from Melbourne to Sydney and beyond. Your presence made this retreat all the more special.

Stay tuned for more incredible events and opportunities to immerse yourself in the wonders of the ocean. Thank you for being a part of our community, and we eagerly await the next adventure.

Best regards,

Curtis, Deep Sensations Freediving Team


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