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7 Snorkel Safety Tips For 2023

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

(@skye254, captured by @curtistredway)

Welcome to the Snorkel Safety Guide by Deep Sensations Freediving. This article is short and sweet, outlining the 7 best tips to keep yourself, your friends and loved ones safe whilst enjoying what the ocean has to offer on your snorkel adventures.

1. Never Dive Alone

This is the number one rule not just in diving, but as snorkelers to. Never dive alone.

There is no scenario where you should be freediving or snorkeling alone. When diving alone there is a massive and unjustifiable increase in risk.

Most freediving and spearfishing accidents revolving shallow water blackouts could have been easily avoided if the divers had a buddy and followed the correct buddy protocols, i.e. 'one up, one down'. One up, one down is when one buddy remains on the surface while the other dives down - this is to ensure the location of the buddy is monitored at all times and in the event of an underwater emergency, the buddy can respond and rescue if need be.

2. Know Your Entry and Exit

3. Rest Between Dives & Reduce Risk Of Shallow Water Blackout

4. Remove Snorkel Before Diving

5. Treat The Ocean Like a Museum

6. Equalize Your Ears

7. Take a Freediving Course!


About Us - Illawarra's Number 1 Freediving School

Deep Sensations Freediving is the Illawarra's first dedicated freediving school and top-rated freediving school.

The school's owner and Head Freediving Instructor, Curtis Tredway is a very experienced and highly trained waterman.

Having spearfished since he was 14, worked at a surf school, received his SSI Stress and Rescue Diver certification at 21 and worked as a Divemaster in one of Indonesia's most notorious diving locations due to the strong currents, and now he is one of the South Coast's deepest freedivers and freediving instructor. Having trained with some of the best coaches in the world. Curtis knows a thing or two about staying safe in the ocean and keeping those that he is responsible for safe as well.

These are some of his tips to keep you and your loved ones safe.


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