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Gong Gurfers Are Teaming Up With Deep Sensations Freediving

(Check them out on Instagram: @GongGurfers)

We have been working hard behind the scenes to team up with groups in the local community. Today, we are excited to announce that Deep Sensations Freediving will be teaming up with Gong Gurfers!

Gong Gurfers are a community that empowers local women of the Illawarra to 'make a splash' through surfing, and other activities and initiatives.

On December 3, we will be running a Surf Resilience Training course and a Try Freediving Program for the legends at Gong Gurfers.

This will be just the start of an epic journey for both our communities, as Deep Sensations will begin hosting weekly pool training sessions for the girls, along with a secret surf/yoga/breathwork retreat - more info coming soon!


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