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Freedive Central Coast

Freediving courses, depth training, pool training, social dives and more! 

Beginner Freedviving course

Learn how to hold your breath longer, dive deeper and understand the important safety aspects of freediving

The Central Coast offers an idyllic setting for undertaking a Level 1 Freediver course, combining the allure of pristine coastal landscapes with the perfect conditions for a transformative underwater experience.


Nestled between Sydney and Newcastle, this region provides crystal-clear waters and diverse marine life, creating an optimal learning environment for freedivers of all levels. The serene coastal ambiance, coupled with the supportive community fostered by Deep Sensations Freediving, allows participants to not only acquire essential skills but also forge lasting connections with fellow enthusiasts.


Embrace the opportunity to explore the depths of the Central Coast, where every dive is a journey into both personal growth and the captivating underwater world.

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Why should you freedive with us?

Embark on an extraordinary underwater adventure with Deep Sensations Freediving, where we invite you to explore the enchanting depths of Central Coast through our carefully curated freediving programs.

Why Deep Sensations stands out:

  1. Safety at the Forefront: Our commitment to safety is unwavering, boasting the highest freediving safety standards in Australia. Trust in our extensive experience to prioritize your well-being.

  2. Supportive Learning Environment: Dive into learning with confidence in our super-supportive, no-pressure atmosphere. We believe in nurturing an environment that encourages growth and skill development.

  3. Expert Instructors: At Deep Sensations, our instructors are not just teachers; they are chosen for their freediving expertise, values, and professionalism. Quality instruction is our promise.

  4. Community Connection: Experience freediving beyond the course as you become a valued member of our vibrant local community on the Central Coast. Enjoy weekly training, regular socials, and rejuvenating retreats.

  5. Transparency Matters: No hidden surprises. No surprise 'wetsuit cleaning fees'. Deep Sensations believes in full transparency regarding our freediving course locations, instructors, inclusions, and costs. Clarity is key to an exceptional experience.

  6. Unique Locale Advantage: Why travel across the city? Deep Sensations follows the 'short drive' rule, ensuring your freediving journey is conveniently located in the stunning Central Coast, eliminating unnecessary travel stress.


Join Deep Sensations Freediving for a distinctive underwater experience, where every dive is an opportunity to explore, learn, and become part of a thriving freediving community.

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Monthly depth sessions

Delve into the enriching experience of line training with Deep Sensations Freediving on the Central Coast, where we focus on key elements to enhance your freediving prowess:

Technique Refinement: Our expert-led sessions prioritize refining your freediving technique, emphasising a streamlined body position and efficient finning to elevate your overall performance.

Equalisation Mastery: Through targeted exercises, we dedicate special attention to honing your equalisation skills, ensuring you grasp the intricacies of pressure equalisation effortlessly and confidently.

Course Requirement Completion: Our line training is tailored to guide you through the completion of essential course requirements, offering personalised support to ensure your mastery of fundamental freediving principles.

Progressive Advancement: As you navigate our line training program, witness a substantial progression in your freediving abilities. Each session becomes a stepping stone, marking a significant moment in your journey to unlocking your full potential as a freediver.

Join us in the mesmerizing depths of the Central Coast, where line training becomes a transformative gateway, propelling you towards new heights in your freediving exploration. 

Join our community

Deep Sensations is a vibrant community of ocean lovers across the East Coast of New South Wales. Join our Facebook and Instagram groups to connect with like minded divers. Join social dives, find dive buddys, and stay in the loop for events and workshops. 

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