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Deep Sensations Freediving social dive at Bushrangers Bay

Social Dives

This service is not available, please contact for more information.

What's Involved

Deep Sensations Freediving hosts monthly social dives for you to connect with like minded ocean lovers, and experience the best dive sites across Sydney, Wollongong, Shellharbour, and further. These dives offer a unique blend of adventure, community, and connection. Every experience is a unique one, so don't miss out! We run social dives at our favourite dive sites across: - Wollongong (Lighthouse, Sandon Point & Port Kembla) - Shellharbour (Bushrangers Bay, Gravel Loader and Maloney's Bay) - Sydney (Cabbage Tree Bay) - Seal Rocks - Cental Coast (Norah Head) At Deep Sensations Freediving's social dives, safety is paramount, with experienced instructors and safety protocols in place to ensure a secure and enjoyable outing for all. Please bring: 🦈 Wetsuit 🦈 Mask and snorkell 🦈 Fins 🦈 Underwater camera / GoPro if you own one 🦈 Towel, hat and sunscreen 🦈 Lots of water! Who can join?: Anyone who is confident in the water and can swim unassisted 200m, can join. All ages and experience levels are welcome. Disclaimer: Deep Sensations Freediving organizes social dives for autonomous divers. While we strive to create a safe and enjoyable experience, participants acknowledge that they engage in freediving at their own risk. Deep Sensations Freediving and its affiliates do not assume any responsibility for accidents, injuries, or other incidents that may occur during these dives. Important Points: Buddy System: Freedivers will be paired up and must remain with their designated buddy at all times during the dive. This ensures mutual safety and support throughout the underwater exploration. Respect for Marine Life: Participants are strictly prohibited from touching or harassing marine life under any circumstances. Deep Sensations Freediving promotes responsible and respectful interactions with the natural environment, emphasizing the importance of preserving marine ecosystems. By participating in Deep Sensations Freediving's social dives, individuals acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions, understanding the inherent risks associated with underwater activities.

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