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Freedive With Wollongong's Leading Freediving School

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Want to learn how to freedive, improve your breath hold times, and dive deeper? Read on to find out why Deep Sensations Freediving is the best choice for your Freedive training.

Based out of Wollongong, we are The Gong's first dedicated freediving school, and we also run courses out of Manly, Cronulla, Shellharbour and Kiama.

We may be biased, but we truly believe this is one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline to explore freediving and develop your diving ability!

Why Take A Freediving Course?

Skye Freediving With Curtis Tredway at Deep Sensations Freediving

Our courses are fun and relaxed because that's the best way for anyone to learn to freedive and let's face it... freediving is fun!

One of the great misconceptions about freediving is that it is an extreme activity and requires super human mental powers to do it. But anyone and everyone can freedive.

All humans possess an innate ability to hold their breath and dive. When done right, breath holds and dives are a beautiful experience. You just need someone to guide you through the process and you’ll see how beautiful and safe freediving can be.

On our freediving courses at no point in time will you do a breath hold or dive that isn't 100% comfortable, that isn't 100% bliss from start to finish and this rule is the same for absolute beginners and world champions.

Everyone dives for their own reasons. Some people want simply to explore what the ocean has to offer. Some seek interactions with aquatic animals. Some people see freediving as a form of meditation. Some like to forage and spearfish. Some love underwater photography. Others freedive as a means to manage mental or physical illness. The list goes on and more and more these days people are applying their own unique motivations to freediving.

Our instructors each specialise in different areas and each course is tailored to the needs and desires of the student. We aim to get you what you want out of your freediving course and to teach you everything you need to stay safe and keep progressing! A good instructor guides students through what could be a potentially scary experience and makes it all feel effortless. Our instructors have more experience and knowledge than anyone else in Australia.

Our Freediving Courses Are Tailored To Your Level

Whether you are an absolute beginner who has never dived, a freediver who wishes to receive professional training, an experienced spearfisher who wishes to increase depth and bottom times, or an ocean lover who wants to be more confident and capable in the water - we will tailor the course around your needs, experience level and goals!

Why We Are The South Coast's Number 1 Freediving School

We are the South Coast's leading freediving school for a number of reasons.

Head Freediving Instructor, Curtis Tredway is one of the South Coast's deepest divers. He has years of experience in the diving industry, and a lifetime of experience in and around the ocean.

Furthermore, all of Curtis' professional training has been delivered by some of the best Freediving Instructors and coaches in Australia, and the world!

Combining this level of knowledge and experience, with one of the diving industries most reputable diving education systems - SSI. Deep Sensations Freediving offers internationally recognised SSI Freediving Courses.

What Does The SSI Level 1 Freediving Course Involve?


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