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Lake Eacham Freediving Retreat

Exploring Far North Queensland with Deep Sensations Freediving

Lake Eachams Freediving Retreat Group Photo by Deep Sensations

(Image credits: Deep Sensations, captured by @brodiewmedia)

We're back with another thrilling update from Deep Sensations Freediving's recent Lake Eacham retreat.

Set amidst the serene tropical rainforests of far north Queensland, this location provided the perfect location for our guests to connect with nature, themselves, and explore new depths.

Let's dive right into the exhilarating experience that took place over four fantastic days!

Freediving A Volcanic Lake - Lake Eacham

Nestled in the heart of the tranquil rainforests of far north Queensland, Lake Eacham stands as an exceptional freediving destination.

This pristine volcanic crater lake boasts serene waters, offering an immersive and peaceful experience for freedivers. With its submerged trees and captivating rock formations, Lake Eacham provides a unique underwater landscape free from distractions such as battling swells, winds, or currents.

Its remarkably calm and serene conditions create an ideal environment for both beginners looking to refine their skills and experienced divers seeking new depths. If you crave a freediving experience without interruptions, where you can truly connect with the depths beneath, Lake Eacham is an extraordinary destination that promises an abundance of tranquil and unforgettable moments.

Day 1 - Deep Sensations Freediving Meet and Greet

As our guests arrived at our spectacular retreat accommodation, they were welcomed by the lush greenery and the shimmering waters of Lake Eacham. For our new divers, the day began with a deep dive into the theory of freediving—touching upon the fascinating science of physiology, the mammalian dive reflex, and an introduction to breathholds.

(Image credit: Curtis briefing the Lake Eacham Retreat guests, captured by: @brodiewmedia)

Meanwhile, our seasoned pros took to the lake for a refreshing sunset dive. Navigating the freshwater was a refreshing twist for our advanced divers, serving as an exhilarating start to the retreat. As the day wrapped up, we all gathered around for a mouth-watering BBQ and friendly games of pool. In a clash of the titans, grandmasters Matt and Tony engaged in an epic chess battle, marking the perfect end to a fantastic day.

Day 2 - Diving Right In

Day two started with a tranquil breathwork session, providing a moment of calm as we looked out over the mesmerizing rainforest. Both Level 1 and Level 2 divers then plunged into the pool session, where we notched up some personal bests, honed techniques, and had an outrageously fun underwater rock-paper-scissors tournament that had everyone in stitches.

Post-session, we treated ourselves to the best-looking Acai bowl in Australia at The Gillies Cafe before hitting Lake Eacham for the depth session. The Level 1s mastered free immersion and constant weight while getting hands-on with mask removal and arms-only drills. The Level 2s fine-tuned their technique and got a taste of FRC. We capped off this momentous day with a celebratory dinner at Yungaburra pub, reminiscing about our diving adventures.

Day 3 - Waterfall Adventure and Double Dives

(Image credits: Retreat Guests at Waterfall, captured by @brodiewmedia)

Day three kicked off with a breathtaking waterfall swim at the Milla Milla falls. After indulging in a slice (or two) of PB cake, a cherished freediving tradition, we headed to Lake Eacham for two immersive depth sessions. Our Level 1s passed their course with flying colors, while Instructor Matt introduced the Level 2s to dynamic no fins. The day ended on a high note, with a sunset dinner and live music at The Gilles, the rolling hills providing a perfect backdrop for an unforgettable evening.

Day 4 - Final Plunge and Farewelss

(Image credits: Retreat Guests, captured by @brodiewmedia)

On the final day, we gathered for a farewell breathwork and visualization routine. A heartfelt breakfast followed, where we reflected on the incredible connections forged over the past few days. Some of us took a final stroll around the lake and a last swim, savoring the tranquil beauty of Lake Eacham.

As we said our goodbyes, we knew that these were not just memories we were taking back, but bonds forged in the depth of the lake and the heart of the rainforest. And with that, we look forward to more adventures, more dives, and more unforgettable moments with you all at Deep Sensations Freediving. Until the next retreat, keep diving, keep exploring, and stay sensational!

Special Thanks To The Team

Shout out to the epic team we had on our Lake Eacham Freediving Retreat. Without their expert guidance, stoke for freediving, and their dedication to proviting a positive guest experience for the divers, this trip wouldn't have been as amazingly well received as it was.

(Image credits: Brodie, Matt and Curtis, captured by @brodiewmedia)

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