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Happy Days! Partnership Announcement

We are super stoked to be teaming up with one of Wollongong's most reputable surf schools, Happy Days Surf School.

Deep Sensations Freediving's Head instructor, Curtis Tredway will be helping Happy Days provide surf education and breath workshops for kids at local schools across Wollongong.

There is no denying the benefits of breath holding and breathworks, with so much science backing it, and i am sure you have heard anecdotal stories of its benefits too.

Personally, I didn't discover breath work and the benefits it has, including helping me reduce stress, deal with anxiety, and other emotional regulations, until I was in my early 20's. But these tools aren't just beneficial for adults, which is why we want to share it with the groms around Wollongong.

However, we know breathwork can still be viewed as 'woo woo', and kids can find it very challenging to sit through a meditation, or breathing practice. So our programs are focused on surfing, and we will be blending a bit of the relaxation and breathing methods used by world class freedivers, to help deliver these lessons to kids in a super fun and engaging way!

Future Programs

Moving away from the surf education, Deep Sensations Freediving and Happy Days Surf School will also be delivering some EPIC programs in 2023.

In Term 1, we will be offering a freediving x surf breathwork development course for kids to actively work towards greater breath hold capacities, relaxation and mental strategies, and improve surf safety and competence, all in a very controlled and structured program.

And For Adults

The tools we will be teaching the groms can be extremely beneficial for adults, but we know it can be difficult for you to kick back and shut off - to focus on these practices. So we will be running an epic surf/yoga/freediving retreat next year.

More info coming soon!

So that's just a little update on the Happy Days x Deep Sensations Freediving partnership, we are very eager to be delivering these programs all across the South Coast.

If you are interested in freediving, or a surf survival course for yourself - head to our courses page or email us

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