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Experience Schooling Grey Nurse Sharks

Shellharbour Social Freediving Weekend

9 - 11 Feb, 2023

A Social Freediving Weekend Showcasing The Best of Shellharbour and Bass Point Reserve

Welcome to a weekend retreat almost a decade in the making, carefully curated to introduce you to the splendors of Shellharbour's Bass Point Reserve.

Curtis, an avid ocean lover with a deep connection, has crafted this experience from his personal interactions with the waters, especially the majestic Grey Nurse Sharks. Over the years, he has introduced many to these wonders, including family, friends, freediving students, and social divers.


Now, he's opening up a special retreat for a limited group of 12 individuals to immerse themselves in Shellharbour's finest diving spots.


Why is Bass Point Reserve One Of  The South Coast's Best Dive Spots

1. Incredible Underwater Eco-systems

Bass Point has so many incredible dive sites to explore. Each dive site has unique underwater eco-systems to explore, from the giant piers of The Gravel loader, to the protected santuarty of Bushrangers Bay, there are so many places to dive - you will never get bored!

2. Marine Sanctuary

Bushrangers Bay is a marine sancturary teaming with life. The biggest draw card is being able to freedive amongst the local Grey Nurse Shark colony.

3. Natural Protection:

Bass Point is a large peninsula which holds many protected spots from various weather conditions. When most of the coast is getting hit by wind and swell, you will be able to find somewhere sheltered to dive at Shellharbour's, Bass Point.

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Discover Bass Point Reserve

Experience Some Of The Best Diving On The South Coast

Located off Shellharbour's coast, Bass Point Reserve offers a top-notch freediving spot. Clear azure waters combined with a variety of marine life make it a must-visit for all enthusiasts.

With its diverse underwater environment, Bass Point provides a unique diving experience. Whether you're interested in observing marine species or exploring underwater landscapes, this location has it all.

Join us at Deep Sensations Freediving Retreat in Shellharbour. Dive into Bass Point Reserve and get a first-hand experience of this renowned diving spot.


Don't miss out; book your dive today.

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What's Instore For You?

3 Action-Packed Days:

Dive into 4+ unique locations, including the renowned Bushrangers Bay, Gravel Loader's ethereal pillars, and the pristine Maloney's Bay with its alluring sea cave.

Exclusive Encounters: Freedive alongside the Grey Nurse Sharks in a crowd-free environment.


Holistic Experiences:

From rockpool swims and hikes to sunrise breathwork, yoga, and invigorating ice bath sessions, the retreat offers more than just diving.


Stay & Dive:

Enjoy 2 nights in a beachfront villa, coupled with expert workshops and guided dives from some of the South Coast's top freedivers.


Optional Adventures:

For those looking for even more, there's depth sessions for certified freedivers, beach activities, spearfish dives, and much more.

Marine Life You May See


Grey Nurse Sharks

Grey Nurse Sharks, Port Jackson and Wobbegong



We can get seals off the tip of Bushrangers Bay


And More!

Dolphins, Rays, Octopus, Eels and so much more!

Join Us In Shellharbour

Deep Sensations Freediving will be hosting a Shellharbour Freediving Retreat. Across 3 days, we will show you some of the best dive sites on the South Coast. You will experience the Grey Nurse Shark colony in Bushrangers Bay, get incredible photos at The Gravel Loader, and explore sea caves and rock pools in the downtime. 


Shellharbour Social Weekend Itinerary


2:00pm: Arrival & Check-in

3:30pm: Dive 1 -Gravel Loader, Harbour, or Maloney's Bay
6:00pm: Welcome Dinner


6:30am: Breathwork

7:00am: Breakfast

7:45 - 9:30am: Dive 2 - Grey Nurse Sharks, Bushrangers Bay

9:30 - 11:30am: Morning Tea + Rockpool Adventure

12:30pm: Lunch

1:00 - 3:00 Freetime

3:30pm: Dive 3 - Harbour, Gravel Loader, or Maloney's Bay


6:30am: Breathwork

7:00am: Breakfast

8:00am: Dive 4 - Grey Nurse Sharks, Bushrangers Bay

10am: Check-out

10:30 - 12:00pm: Dive 5 - Harbour, Gravel Loader, or Maloney's Bay

12:00pm: Farewell Lunch at local cafe​

Read about our favourite dive sites on the South Coast. 

Freediving Instructor Curtis Tredway running pool training at University of Wollongong

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Still Not Ready To Freedive Shellharbour With Us? Get In Touch!

Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to freedive Shellharbour, and witness Bass Point Reserve, one of the South Coast's biggest freediving gems. 

Spaces are limited, so reserve your spot today and join us for a weekend to remember. 

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