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Experience the freedom of the ocean like never before with our expert-led freediving courses.

Deep Sensations Freediving Bondi

Explore Australia's most famous beach in a way very few people have before. Deep Sensations Freediving is here to help you discover the underwater world of Sydney's most popular dive sites. 


Our range of expert-led freediving programs caters to all levels – from beginners taking their first plunge to experienced divers deepening their skills. Explore our tailored courses, engaging freediving tasters, and specialised line training and pool sessions.


Join us in creating memorable underwater experiences for locals and visitors alike. Dive into the extraordinary with Deep Sensations and freedive Bondi!

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Join The Deep Sensations Freediving Community

We're more than just a freediving school; we're a community. When you learn to freedive with us in Sydney, you're joining a group of ocean enthusiasts who share a love for the underwater world.

Discover the sensation of freediving and experience the magic of the ocean like never before with Deep Sensations Freediving. Book your course today, and let the deep sensations begin!

Remember, the adventure doesn't stop at the water's edge; it's just the beginning. Dive in with Deep Sensations Freediving – your key to the underwater world.

Upcoming courses

February 17 + 18
March 2 + 3
March 11 + 12

February 24 + 25
March 9 + 10
March 16 + 17


Central Coast

NEW March 23 + 24


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Discover Bondi's Best Dive Sites

Whether you're learning to freedive in Sydney for the first time or looking to explore new depths, Bondi's stunning marine landscapes offer the perfect backdrop. From the hidden gem of Cathedral Cave to the awe-inspiring sight of Grey Nurse Sharks, we guide you through the best dive sites around Bondi.

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